A traveler’s New Year resolution

April 2016 marked the start of our incredible journey as The Film Traveler. Since then, we’ve learned a lot of stuffs on how to improve our skills in photography, writing, traveling, and so much more. Aside from that, we also managed to turn our introvert personalities into a more daring, curious one that embodies a traveler.

But all the wonderful things and the responsibilities of running such a community were drowning us. And as most travelers do, we decided to take a break (a long one) to refresh ourselves and get back on track.

During our time “off the grid”, we were able to ponder on a few things which eventually became our own New Year’s resolution this 2017. Hopefully, with all of your help and support, we’d be able to stick with it and share the good vibes with you.

Here’s The Film Traveler’s New Year’s resolution for 2017.

Travel less but longer

While this may sound obvious, we do have a deeper reason for this. Last year, we had this impression that traveling or being a traveler only means going to far “touristy” places, climbing mountains, or discovering the best beaches as often as possible.

To help justify this kind of reasoning, we found ourselves trying to get on the most affordable “travel tour groups” locally as much as we can. Unfortunately, the limited time we had in those day trips and the lack of an immersive experience it brings made us feel that traveling this way wasn’t just worth it.

To get that authentic travel experience we desperately wanted, we decided that we wanted to travel less and longer. This means that we will take our time preparing for each trip and maximizing our outings to find the essence of our journey and especially our destination. Doing so will allow us to dive deep into the culture of each stop for us to share with you soulful photographs and colorful stories.

Bring less and take more

Being introverts and techies, we usually bring a lot of stuffs on our trips for us to tinker with during our down time such as laptops, cameras, chargers, etc. While this helps us stay connected and entertain us in many ways, this sort of takes our chances of getting an immersive experience in the places we go. Also, we tend to pack a lot more than what’s necessary to get that sense of security and readiness on each journey.

Although this may seem all good, we hope on slashing on the luggage, bringing only what’s truly necessary. Maybe a few clothes, toiletries, a camera (okay, a couple of cameras including my film and mirrorless ones), and a few other small ticket items.

A good New Year’s resolution is to take more photos not just in our trips, but also during our daily commute as this will give our creative eyes that much needed exercise.

Help change the world

No, we don’t plan on donating all our savings to help change the world. All we mean by this is that we’ll be doing our part… the little things such as being disciplined enough to not throw trash any where, being active in protecting the wild life, and help in the conservation efforts of the environment by our non-government organizations (have you signed the petition yet?).

Unlike our “Balik alindog” New Year’s resolution (which never happens), we hope we could keep these in our hearts throughout 2017 and inspire others to do so as well. We look forward to an awesome 2017 with all of you. See you around travelers!

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