4 songs for the broken-hearted traveler

People have many reasons as to why they travel; some take a trip to find themselves while others just need to go out to heal their broken heart. If you’re the latter, long journeys can be a pain in the butt and in the heart as it gives us a lot of time to think (or reminisce) about your former partner. With this, we list down 4 songs that you can add to your playlist in case you want to sulk in your seat and cry the pain away. 

A Good Kind of Sad – We Are Imaginary

Perfect for fresh break ups, ‘A Good Kind of Sad’ by FIlipino indie band We Are Imaginary will have in tears while you look out the bus window. Their playful style combined with creative, easy to relate with lines will surely hit you right in the feels.

Hello Sunrise – Soil & Green

Soil & Green’s break up/moving on song titled ‘Hello Sunrise’ has a good mix of mellow and heavy guitar riffs matched with powerful lyrics that will have the heart broken head banging along. After listening to this single, you’ll might find yourself on top of a mountain singing (or shouting) ‘it’s time to let go’.

Oh Hindi – Jose at Musika

Can’t get the one girl/guy you love? This song with a catchy jazz-ish tune called ‘Oh Hindi’ by Jose at Musika will probably rub it in your little wounded heart with tragic lines like ‘oh hindi mapigilan ang sarili na umasa at mangarap na ika’y mapasakin’ and ‘ang puso ko, walang ibang bukang bibig kundi ang pangalan mo’.

Bigo – Jose at Musika

If you’ve missed out on your crush, this song by Jose at Musika (yes, them again) called Bigo will hit you really hard. Aside from its melancholic tune, its simple yet straight-to-the-point lyrics will make you realize how much of a ‘torpe’ you are. It’s like a musical slap on the face for those who are scared of confessing their feelings.

Mending a broken heart by traveling can be a tough task. But with these songs, we hope you could release all the negative feelings during the trip and move on. Just make sure you have a shoulder to cry on or a box of tissues with you.


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