The Daily Grind Set 1

Our daily commute involves using the bus, train, and passing through several malls. With every trip we make, its easy to get used to the scenery and miss out on the beautiful and at times powerful moments. That’s why we challenged ourselves to whip out our cameras and do this photography project called ‘The Daily Grind’.

In this first set, we used an experimental setup with our camera–the Canon EOS M. We mounted this mirrorless camera (see why you should switch to a mirrorless camera here) with the vintage Canon FD 28 mm f/3.5 using a 3rd party adaptor. Adding to the challenge is that the adaptor didn’t have Auto Focus capabilities and also dropped the live view by a few stops. Good thing, we are getting used to the distance scale on the lens and that our photography basics are sound. The result, well, let’s just say it had a special kind of feel to each photo.

Early in the morning, a well-dressed guy brings a few plastic bags of food. This makes us wonder, is this for his family or his co-workers? Whatever the case, we hope they had a good meal.


A guy opens his store (a water station) and starts taking orders. Soon after, he begins delivering the goods. We can relate this photograph to the line “the early bird gets the worm.”
We tried taking a different perspective with this one. We searched for a higher vantage point and waited for a good subject to pass by to fill the frame. Luckily, this couple did.
Continuing with the ‘different perspective’, we saw 2 guys patiently waiting for whoever it is they will be meeting, both stuck to their respective phones. Funny how technology brings the distant closer and those near further apart.
We found this spot along the train station where a spotlight shines down on both the sign and a bench. We’ve been wanting to take a photo of this bench, sans the other people around the middle bench.

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