Meet Our New Project: Canon FX

Earlier this month, I put our 1st ever film camera for sale at The Film Traveler Shop to fund an upcoming restoration project. Luckily, someone within the community bought it and I’m now ready to begin fixing up my new vintage camera – the 1964 Canon FX.

It’s a 35 mm Single Reflex Camera (SLR) that has a built-in lightmeter powered by a CDS photocell (The person I bought it from told me it can be replaced with the LR44 battery). It can slap its shutter for as slow as 1 second, all the way to 1/1000th of a second, with its flash sync at 1/55.

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The Canon FX I bought is a bit beat up. It’s view finder is dirty and could possibly have some fungus, so is its mirror. The shutter lever is also stuck. Hopefully, I can have all its problems fixed at Mang Dong’s Camera Repair Shop.

I’ll get this all sorted out and ready for full operation this weekend (fingers crossed). Stay tuned.

[UPDATE 5-22-2017]

Last Saturday, May 22, 2017, I was able to drop by Dong’s Camera Repair Shop near Hidalgo to have my Canon FX cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted, as per seller’s advice. Unfortunately, the camera would need more than that to get it back into working condition.

According to the mechanics, the Canon FX will need a complete overhaul. In addition, they also said that the view finder can no longer be cleaned and they don’t have replacement parts. All these will take 2 weeks to do and will cost me around P1,500.

[UPDATE 6-03-2017]

After 2 weeks in the shop, I finally picked up the Canon FX and let me be the one to tell you that Mang Dong’s work is top notch. The camera is now what I consider almost mint sans a few pesky specs of what I assume as mold, which is understandable given the condition when I brought it in. Everything worked perfectly and they even threw in a free battery for the light meter.

Currently, the Canon FX is loaded with a Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400. Shooting has been really tricky due to its fully manual operation and the fact that you can’t see the output right away, but it’s a welcome challenge for me. It’s also part of what makes shooting film exciting and rewarding. Hopefully, I can finish this roll up and have it processed and scanned before the month ends so I can share my photos with you.


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