[SOLD] Fujifilm Zoom Cardia Super 270


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Model: Fujifilm Zoom Cardia Super 270

Price: P1,500

Condition: Apart from a few scratches up front, everything looks and works well (flash, zoom, metering). No fungus inside the lens or viewfinder. Used 2 rolls.

Includes: Camera strap and CR123A Battery.

Reason for selling: Need funds for new project.

The Fujifilm Zoom Cardia Super 270 is a 35 mm film point and shoot camera. It features a 35 – 70 mm zoom lens, panorama mode, and flash. Camera modes can be easily selected via the switch beside the lens opening. Zooming in and out can be done using the 2 gray buttons up front. On the other hand, loading and removing film is a breeze with its auto-load and -rewind functions. This camera is perfect for both new and veteran film shooters.

To purchase, simply drop a message on the official Facebook page of The Film Traveler. Available for Metro Manila buyers only.


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