‘Manlalakbay’ Statement Shirt

Priced at P225, our statement shirt that reads ‘Manlalakbay’ or Traveler in English, written in Baybayin. It’s currently available in medium and large sizes and is exclusively sold at The Wander Space until the end of May. Afterwhich, you may purchase it directly from official Facebook page of The Film Traveler.

Read more about it here.

Hope to see you guys wearing it soon.

*available for the Philippines only.

*shipping rates may apply.


2 thoughts on “‘Manlalakbay’ Statement Shirt

  1. Your shirt looks nice but it reads ‘Ma-Na-La-La-Ka-Ba-Ya’. You should have the tiny cross under N, K, and Y to negate the vowel sound (Ma-N-La-La-K-Ba-Y).

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    1. Hey Justin. Thank you for pointing that out. We’ve already sent out new shirts with the correct writing, which are now available at The Wander Space. Hope you can drop by and buy one. Cheers!


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